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We offer solutions for all stages of entrepreneurs . . . from start-up to established corporations.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

– Peter F. Drucker

Joe Theismann interviewing Brad Adams
Joe Theismann interviewing Brad about Renegade Entrepreneur
Brad Adams with Kevin Harrington & Forbes Riley
Original Shark Kevin Harrington and Forbes Reily interviewing Brad
Brad Adams

Your Compelling Future


Will you be a creator of the future…or a victim? The answer will be informed by your choices.

If you bring a positive attitude and willingness, we’ll give you the tools you need.

We work only with serious entrepreneurs.

Brad is one of the most innovative and dynamic entrepreneurs I know. His foresight into what’s next is unsurpassed. Steve Robinson

CEO, Reimagine

Brad is a thoughtful and insightful entrepreneur, whose many years of experience will benefit any business owner. Andy Graham

Managing Director, APG Partners

The Magic of the Sunstone

16th century Viking sailors discovered a magic object that enabled them to navigate perilous seas, even when the moon, stars and sun were hidden.

Long before the Vikings, ancient Greeks believed this same mysterious substance represented the sun god and brought life and abundance to anyone that held it.

The magic object so revered by the Greeks and Vikings is the sunstone.

Sunstone Publishing is a holding company for a handful of businesses

that are all driven by a passion to deliver direction,

distinct advantage and prosperity to serious entrepreneurs…

just like the sunstone.

Brad Adams, CEO

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